Create Test Dataset

Main Functions

Windows native

Data Assistant uses Windows Native technology, which ensures that the software has a small installation size and high responsiveness

Generate quickly

Create small or large datasets for rapid prototyping or stress testing of tables, structures and scripts

real data

Generate massive, heterogeneous, real-world data for any development, testing, or demo purpose, instead of just copying and pasting to create repetitive unrealistic text fields

Document based

The data structures you create are preserved intact and different datasets can be created for different purposes

Export data

JSON, SQL, CSV, HTML, XML can be exported, and data structures can be converted to Java, C#, TypeScript, JSONSchema code

Field fine-tuning

Optional prefix and suffix can be used for any field; fill field with random data, specify length or length range; specify range for numeric fields; use format string for date range to determine output

  • Built-in rich data types, including but not limited to:Email, Date, Person Name, Phone, ID Card, Bool, UUID, Paragraph, Regex, IPv4, IPv6, MAC Address, Cheeses, Colors, Liquor, Vegetables, Fruits, Countries, China Province, China Cities, China Streets, USA States, USA Cities, USA Streets, Animals, Cakes, Alpha Lowercase String, Alpha Uppercase String, Alpha Anycase String, Alphanumeric Lowercase String, Alphanumeric Uppercase String, Alphanumeric Anycase String, Numeric String, Integer Number In Range, Decimal Number In Range, Hexadecimal Lowercase String, Hexadecimal Uppercase String
  • Support reverse generation of random strings through regular expressions
  • Support field nesting
  • Built-in web server, supporting exposing RESTful API, even if the back-end interface is not completed, the front-end can be tested quickly

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Data Assistant Data Assistant

Data Assistant - Create test data in a structured way that can be exported as sql, csv, html, xml files.


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